Rihanna is Thugged Out…Her New Tattoo Just Told Me So

Rihanna has just gotten “thug life” tattooed across her knuckles, despite the fact that she has in no way grown up a thug or lived in a dangerous or criminal environment. She went to a private school in Barbados. Sigh.

Sadly, things could have been worse. Here are few designs she rejected…

Her favorite movie.

R tat 1



Her favorite tv show.

R tat 2



Her favorite drink.

R tat 3



An ongoing problem…

R tat 4



Her agent suggested this endorsement. He was rebuffed by the company immediately.

R tat 8



A suggestion from Crunchyface

R tat 9



A description of her off-hours look, and/or a prediction of life ten years down the road

R tat 10



A helpful reminder.

R tat 7

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