Sneak Peak! Ten Awesome New Quizzes from Buzzfeed…

Who doesn’t love a wonderfully revealing Buzzfeed quiz? Only some asshole somewhere maybe. In fact, Crunchyface loves them so passionately–relies on them so much for personal analysis, that he has to see them before everyone else does. 

So after an evening of love-making with one of the many models that populate the offices of Buzzfeed, Crunchy got the inside scoop on some of the quizzes that are coming down the pipeline. Man, I can’t wait…


Sneak Peak! Ten Awesome New Quizzes from Buzzfeed
quiz dead tv
quiz blog sci


quiz blog schindler


quiz blog pin


quiz blog parasite


quiz blog murderer


quiz blog fish



quiz blog bully


quiz blog black


Buzzfeed Quiz!

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