The Last Word on the Grammys…9 Names I’d Rather Call Macklemore than “Macklemore”

So much has already been said, so consider this the last word on the earth-shaking Grammys held earlier this week. Much as I’d like to discuss the 2XL robots…
…and the Man with the Yellow Hat, winning a bunch of awards….
mack blog yellow hat
Here’s what Crunchyface took from the Grammy Awards this year.

Nine Things I’d Rather Call Macklemore than “Macklemore”

1) Mac n’ Cheese
mack blog mac and cheese
2) Maccabee

Here he blows a shofar, while Ryan Lewis signals that the kick is good.
3) Mac Daddy (rip)
mack blog daddy
4) Mackey Sasser
Note: I am aware that this may only be funny to New York baseball fans, but I don’t care.
5) Spacklemore–This is the second photo in the “Musicians as Home Repair Specialists” series. Click here for the first one.
6) Krackelwhore
mack blog krackel
“Smell my finger. It’s chocolaty.”
7) Mandy Moore
many moore
8) Roger Moore
mack blog roger moore
9) Martha Plimpton–Because he stole her hairstyle from the 1989 film, Parenthood.
A recent photo of Ryan Lewis and Macklemore (right)

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