Who Knew the “Pound Sign” Was Destined for This? Nine #MeToo Spin-Off Movements

Recently, the success of the #MeToo movement, in bringing to light the crimes of men everywhere, seems to have inspired various spin-offs (in the same way Mothers Against Drunk Driving or MADD begat Students Against Drunk Driving, and Rockers Against Drunk Driving). These spin-offs have attempted to capitalize on the recognition of #MeToo, in order to highlight certain specific victims that are all too often ignored.


Nine #MeToo Spin-Off Movements


#BacktotheFuture2 For people who feel violated upon hearing another person suggest a sequel is better than the original
#U2 Designated for the emotional abuse that takes place when an ex-girlfriend ruins a band for you forever.



#I-Too For those who have suffered atrocities afflicted by a grammar Nazi.
#A2 Created for people who find their steak sauce bottles aggressively phallic.
#R2 When you feel you’ve been swindled by a Jawa who is peddling a suspect droid.



#DoReMiToo For victims of the Von Trapp family, in any of their forms.
#MeTooty Survivors of Edna Garrett. Her dorm and her edibles.



#MeTooToo When you believe a member of the “MeToo” movement has attacked you.
#Mypos When you suspect Balki Bartokomous has assaulted you.


 “Don’t be ridiculous!”



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